Client's comments


For  me Pilates is the perfect form of exercise, non-threatening,  non-competitive and engenders a sense of well being. I suffer from  arthritis and started Pilates two years ago.Since then I have had a much  more positive attitude towards my health, I cope better with joint  problems and the best result has been the improvement of my balance. Ian  is a sympathetic, caring instructor with the right blend of expert  knowledge and good humour. I heartily recommend these classes.

Joy Garratt           Shaw Mills Harrogate


I began to go to Ian's Pilates classes when I was eighty. I am mildly  arthritic and had begun to feel ancient, dithery and lacking in  confidence. From the start the gentle progressive exercises and Ian's  encouragement made a big difference, both mentally and physically. Now  after eighteen months, my balance is greatly improved. I'm much more  flexible, my confidence has returned and I feel stronger all round.  After each session the sense of relaxation and well being is great.I  wouldn't miss it for anything! BP( before Pilates) I had started to go  down steps sideways. No more!

Rosie Jenkins           Killinghall Harrogate


One of the best pilates classes I have  attended.   Ian is an excellent confidence-giving  teacher, individual supervision  ensures all exercises are  done correctly and to the appropriate level for the class.   Breathing technique, core stability and balance become second nature as  the classes progress.  Posture improves and renewed energy  brings noticeable health benefits - all this in an hour a  week!! 

Veronica Hawkesworth   Glasshouses


I have been doing Pilates with Ian for over a year. I have  benefited no end, my whole body feels so much more flexible, stronger,  toned up and my posture is looking good.

Ailsa M Duckworth          Knaresborough


I have suffered for years from progressively worsening lower back  pain. Last August a back spasm landed me flat in bed (and in agony) for  three days. I vowed then to try anything to avoid a repeat - even cissy  pilates! To my complete surprise I have become a total convert. Ian is a  sympathetic, good-humoured and patient instructor and his expert  directions are easily followed. One year on I honestly cannot believe  the difference. My mobility has improved significantly, my posture is  better and I do not now suffer back discomfort when I am standing for  extended periods or even lying in bed. By the way, if it sounds like Ian  has paid me to write this you don't know Ian: he's a tight Geordie!

David F Hall MA MRICS      Ripon


Pilates for me compliments my other forms of exercise and offers me a  different type of exercise, flexibility, core strength and posture. '  Shoulders in your back pockets ' is a frequent cry in our house.  Although I am usually the only man in the  class, it does not  bother me, as when concentrating on the routine I don't notice what  everyone else is doing. Ian delivers the class very professionally and  is very aware of everyone's individual needs. I would encourage any man  who is not sure, to try a few classes- they can only benefit from it.

Jim McIntyre          Ripon


 I have found Pilates to be very beneficial for toning and  improving my core strength. The exercises and movements are adapted by  Ian so that everyone works to a level they are capable of and within  their ability. I'm sure it has improved my running technique, I look  forward to my Pilates class and it has become an integral part of my  fitness routine.

Nicola Carter         Knaresborough 


May I take this opportunity to thank you, since taking up your pilates  class on a Wednesday evening I feel so much better both physically and  mentally, as you know I suffer from osteo arthritis in my legs,  hips and back and also have a bulging disc and was finding everyday  tasks difficult. Now for the1st time in nearly 2 years I find I have  much more flexibility and even went for a 2 hour walk the other evening.  Your classes are friendly and welcoming, you are a true professional  and show each individual how to do each movement correctly. I really  enjoy your classes and would recommend them to anyone. People have  commented on how much better my posture and movements are which shows  how good you are!!Thank you again and hopefully I will continue coming  to your class to continue my improvement and also to enjoy keeping fit!

Sue Griffin                      Knaresborough


I joined Ian's class in February 2010 to improve my core muscle  strength and thereby alleviate neck and shoulder pain due to posture  problems.  This has improved considerably, so much so that recently  someone asked if I did Pilates. When I asked her how she knew she  replied 'because of the way you stand and sit.' Ian is an excellent  teacher- encouraging, patient, knowledgeable, sensitive to individuals'  limitations and able to challenge strengths. His classes are also great  fun and thoroughly enjoyable.

Julie Wrathall               Hampsthwaite


I continued attending pilates classes throughout my pregnancy and I'm  sure it helped to keep my energy up as well as preventing all those  aches and pains some women get! It also gave me some much needed 'me  time' and relaxation.Pilates concentrates on your tummy and pelvic floor  muscles, both of which are put under real strain during pregnancy. Any  midwife will tell you how important it is to work those pelvic floor  muscles!

Ian was amazing and adapted the routine around each stage of the pregnancy, I felt confident I was in safe hands.

Pilates is definitely something I will continue through any further pregnancies! 

Mary Evans            Summerbridge


I joined Ian's Pilates class in the summer of 2010 and I'm still  going strong today.In six months my body has become so strong plus my  overall core strength has improved 100%.

Ian is a very experienced instructor with patients in abundance so  please don't put off trying the classes like I did, then wish I had  joined months earlier.

I would recommend Ian's classes to anyone wishing to improve their overall fitness.

Julie Lambert        Darley 


I was advised by a physiotherapist to try Pilates for my lower back pain,
over a year ago. After trying everything else I could think of, to no avail,
I finally signed up to Ian's class in February 2011. Now I wonder why I
waited for so long! Ian is an excellent teacher. He has a caring and
encouraging approach, with a touch of humour. He knows his class; their
abilities and physical difficulties and ensures that each individual works
to their potential. The quote from Joseph Pilates is true...I can feel the
difference after 10 sessions- my back pain has gone! Now I am looking
forward to the new body!

Karen Howells   Goldsborough


 "I have been attending Pilates with Ian for 6 months and can  positively feel the effects it has had on my body. Prior to starting  Pilates I had problems with my shoulder which often caused headaches but  now I rarely feel any pain at all. My core strength and flexibility  have improved and generally I just feel more energized. In my opinion  Ian is a friendly teacher and makes everyone feel welcome and able  regardless of their ability. If you are thinking of trying Pilates for  the first time I definitely think you should give it a go! Thank  you Ian."

Emma Harvey  Knaresborough


I started doing pilates with Ian over three years ago to try to  prevent a bad back from worsening. Since then, my core strength has  improved significantly, I am more flexible, have better posture and feel  more toned. I have found Ian to be an excellent instructor. I continued  doing pilates during most of my pregnancy during which time Ian altered  the exercises to suit my needs. I was therefore able to maintain  fitness throughout my pregnancy which I feel can only have  benefited me during labour. I returned to pilates six weeks after my  baby was born and have found it to really helped me to regain my figure,  especially in the tummy area!

Niamh Thompson           Harrogate


 Some of the benefits of Pilates, apparently, are that you get stronger,
longer and leaner. I have been going to Ian's Knaresborough classes now
for several months and I certainly feel all of these and more. I started
as an absolute beginner and was made to feel at home straight away
because Ian has the patience and the ability to teach and support
everyone in the group, no matter what age or level of fitness. Added to
that his good humour and cheerful personality make exercise fun.

Crissy Borszowski         York


I have a 10 minute daily back exercise routine which allows me to  function properly after fracturing two vertebrae 18 months ago, however  Ian's pilates class is something I really look forward to.
Pilates works each muscle group separately and because of the control  and concentration required to do the exercises properly, it also gives  your mind a workout too.
Ian's expertise in pilates, his gentle motivation and the individual  attention we all receive ensure that each person works to the best of  their ability.
The benefits of attending a regular class are seen in the smiles of us all when we leave

Judi Graham        Knaresborough


I had a long history of severe back and hip problems which finally left  me in a very negative, depressed state with very low self esteem.About  15 months ago someone suggested I tried pilates, so at desperation point  I decided to “give it a go” but……….where do you begin to find a good  pilates teacher? I searched locally and randomly phoned Ian. As soon as I  spoke to Ian and heard his soft reassuring “Geordie” voice I knew he  was the teacher for me.
Since then I have not looked back. Ian is a perfect teacher - kind,  sympathetic, encouraging, patient and very motivating as he calmly  explains and teaches his pilates. The benefits for me have been immense.  I am pain free with far more flexion than I have had for years, I have  better posture and core strength. Ian’s inspirational teaching of  pilates has given me my self confidence back, I am generally happier  knowing that I can learn and achieve my goals.
He truly is a life changing teacher and I cannot recommend him highly  enough…….but don’t take my word for it…..try yourself….you won’t be  disappointed!

Jane Newsome        Ripon


I have been doing Pilates with Ian now for over three years. As a  result of Pilates I feel stronger, fitter and leaner. It has also made  me more aware of my posture. The classes are small and friendly and are  made up of a lovely mix of men and women of all ages and abilities. For  me, it is an hour a week to focus on my well-being and I feel an  essential part of my busy life.

Clare Jackson       Dacre Banks